The advantages of flex office

advantages of flex office

Why is the flexible office so liked?


The benefits of flexible offices | An organization that has it all!


Like 35% of managers, do you feel that your workspaces are no longer suited to your needs? Faced with the evolution of companies, fewer and fewer workstations are assigned. We are entering the era of flexible offices! Between financial savings, productivity gains and employee well-being, discover the advantages of flex office and the causes of its democratization.

Flexible offices: a response to the changing world of work

What is flex office?

The flex office, literally flexible office, is a business organization in which workstations are not assigned. Every day, employees arrive at the professional premises and choose a space adapted to their current challenges… Or opt for teleworking.

One of the advantages of flex office is to meet the real needs of employees.
• The basis of the organization without a fixed office is to install fewer workstations than employees.
• The adoption of this organization requires prior reflection and appropriate tools to avoid dissatisfaction and confusion.

Why did the officeless organization appear?

If the health crisis of 2020 has highlighted the benefits of flex office, this concept appeared long before. As early as the 1990s, major consulting firms did not assign a fixed office to their employees, who were often on the move. Since 2010, the movement has grown.

• Today, the hybrid mode has become the norm: we skillfully combine face-to-face and telework. If we add holidays, meetings, missions to the client… The observation is clear: more and more jobs remain vacant.

• The development of digital solutions allows employees to work remotely and flexibly.

• Teleworking is becoming more and more standard, especially since the COVID health crisis.

• The new generation is looking for change and dynamism: they are fleeing the boredom and routine of a regular office.

• Employees seek more comfort at work, through suitable spaces and avoidance of travel time.

Faced with these findings, companies are turning massively to the organization in flex office. They are quite right! In addition to responding to changes in the world of work, flexible offices have many benefits.

The advantages of flex office, for the company, its employees and the planet

The direct consequence of the organization without a fixed office is the possibility of choosing smaller buildings, really adapted to the needs of the company.

Let’s see the positive impacts that flow from it.

The main benefits of flexible offices

– Optimization of real estate costs: rather than renting vacant offices, the company can adapt the size of the buildings to the actual use (taking into account teleworking, travel, holidays, etc.). However, business premises are expensive! Rent, charges, upkeep, maintenance, equipment… The flex office promises real savings.

– Reduction of the environmental impact of buildings: less space also means less energy for heating or air conditioning and fewer resources to equip offices. In addition, daily trips are limited by teleworking. These are all factors that reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

– Facilitate recruitment and improve retention: flexible offices appeal to the new generation of workers.

– Increased employee productivity: spaces adapted to the fluctuating needs of the employee allow better results and considerable time savings.

– Improved well-being at work: less boredom, increased motivation, meetings between the company’s different professions… The flex office offers a qualitative and pleasant working environment.

Workspaces adapted to needs

One of the strengths of flex office is the gain in employee well-being and productivity. Indeed, each workspace offers an optimal framework for a specific task:

– individual offices or work from home for concentration;
– brainstorming spaces for creativity;
– meeting rooms for teamwork;
– relaxation areas for informal exchanges;
– isolated rooms for calls;
– etc

You have understood: the advantages of flex office are numerous. An ambitious response to the evolution of work, the flexible office organization leads to financial savings, increased productivity, increased employee well-being and environmental benefits. However, this transition is not without danger. In the second part of the article, discover the challenges of flex office and our application to meet them.

My Workspace, the application for a successful flex office

To meet the challenges of the flexible office, we have developed an intuitive and powerful tool: My Workspace. It is a web and mobile application allowing you to adopt the flex office comfortably and efficiently.

For this, we have developed two essential features:

– Booking of workspaces and services (canteen, car park, meeting room, etc.);

– An internal communication solution.

– Discover all the features and benefits of our My Workspace digital solution.

Would you like to discover our Workspace solution?

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