Manage and reduce your energy and fluids consumption  


An offer adapted to each energy issue buildings, public sector and industrial sites.

Manage, control and optimize your buildings and equipment’s energy performance in real time through a simple and ergonomic solution.

Solution for collecting and centralizing your energy data

Energy Management

Control & reduce your energy costs

Smart Metering

Record your energy consumption per device to target your savings

Energy Management

Control and reduce your energy costs from your global meters

Tableau de bord energie tertiaire
  • Invoices automatic integration
  • Automatic invoices control
  • Smart Benchmark
  • Modeling of theoretical energy consumption
  • Automatic detection of energy tasks
  • Automatic reportings

Smart Metering

Measure your energy consumption through sensors to identify, target and reach your savings

  • Configurable reportings and dashboard
  • Automatic detection of energy leaks
  • Real time alert
  • Simple publishing & adaptable report
  • Automatic data entry
  • Data centralization in one platform
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“Thanks to the Ubigreen Energy solution, we were able to deploy an energy software to manage the energy performance of tertiary properties in France and internationally in order to: understand and control costs and energy consumption; improve energy performance and achieve the Group’s objectives; optimize the company’s reporting.”

Real estate director

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