How to improve the attractiveness of your offices?

attractiveness offices
Since the health crisis, the vision of the office has changed profoundly.

With the generalization of telework to 2 days / week, it will be necessary to use more and more ingenuity to make its employees want to come back to the office. It seems essential to rethink the organization by innovating to attract new talent and to motivate its employees.

To do this, human resources must define new management strategies to improve the attractiveness of offices and in particular head offices in order to make them a real asset in terms of employer branding: reorganization of spaces, digitization of services, creation of a community of collaborators etc. to reduce the turnover rate, attract new talent and engage its employees on a long-term basis.

Strengthen the commitment of its employees through the employee experience

To sustainably involve employees in head offices, it will be necessary to rethink the organization of the company: experimentation with new solutions and taking into account the opinions of employees on these changes. Involving its employees in the evolution of offices will increase the company’s corporate culture. Improving the quality of life at work is the key to a lasting commitment of employees, who will want to move back to the office.

Thus, to stand out from telework, it will be essential to offer a collaborator experience that an employee will not be able to find at home. A model that comes to us in particular from the United States with the tech giants. For example, Google, which is known for its headquarters that resembles a real city and which offers its employees various services to improve the well-being of its employees: hairdressers, gyms, massage parlors, crèches, video games to relax, a free self-service lunch and dinner, a piano available, various relaxation games such as ping-pong and even buses equipped with wifi for office/home journeys.

This strategy, which puts the well-being of the employee at the heart, is one of the great competitive advantages of Google, which knows how to attract new talents and above all to sustain them in the long term thanks to the development of its employer brand.

An application to support this transformation and to place the employee & their uses at the center of the company’s priorities

To offer an optimal work experience and to improve attractiveness of offices, digital solutions will be necessary to develop this new work strategy, placing the occupant at the center. The MyWorkspace web and mobile application will allow you to:

– Offer new services to occupants: management of real-time reservations (workspaces, meeting rooms, company restaurant, company parking, etc.)

– Propose new means of communication: key information on office occupancy, surveys, organization of telework, requests for intervention, etc.

– Improve the user experience in the office: measurement of the occupancy rate of workspaces in order to understand the real uses of the premises and optimize the work spaces. By optimizing the work spaces, you can free more spaces to create additional convivial spaces.

The Ubigreen Workspace solution will make it possible both to understand real uses thanks to occupancy sensors to modulate spaces and create more collaborative spaces, but also to facilitate the daily professional life of employees by facilitating the management of common areas in real time thanks to the reservation module MyWorkspace.

Thus, the employee experience is essential to take into account to attract, motivate and retain employees. To have an optimal experience, it is becoming essential to acquire digital tools to facilitate the implementation of a strategy centered on the well-being of its employees and to have a realistic vision of the occupation of its offices in order to optimize.

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