Ubigreen Smart Metering

Measure your energy and fluids consumption to target your savings

Capteurs de télérelève - télérelever consommations usage

Automatic recovery of your data

Our remote reading devices (sensors, gateways,…) provide through a seamless integration your energy, temperature and fluids data directly to the Ubigreen platform.

Customizable dashboards

Our multi-function centralized platform facilitates the analysis of energy consumption by type of use or by equipment through our sensors connected to the measurement points (water meter, electric meter, gas meter, temperature sensor, etc.).
Tableau de bord energie evolution
Relève consommation eau

Automatic leak detection

As soon as the data is uploaded into the platform, our detection algorithms will allow you to easily identify leaks and / or overconsumption of energy on all of your sites.

You will receive automated alerts in real time via emails or SMS

Editing of simple and adaptable reports

Demonstrate the impact of your energy action plan, educate your employees using ergonomic and understandable reports.
Liste des rapports énergétiques
Tableau de bord énergétique en KWH

Monitoring of your energy performance objectives

Your metering plans by type of use and equipment associated with our objective monitoring tools will allow you to easily manage your energy performance objectives. Ubigreen also offers the management of action plans aimed at ensuring that these objectives are successfully achieved.

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