The benefits of iso 50001 certification

ISO 50001

Law 2013-649 of July 16, 2013 makes an energy audit compulsory before December 5, 2015 for any company meeting one of the following criteria:

  • The workforce is more than 250 employees
  • The balance sheet is more than 43M€
  • The turnover (excluding VAT) is more than €50M

However, ISO 50001 certification makes it possible to be exempted from mandatory energy audits if the scope covered is 80% of the overall energy bill (65% in 2015).

ISO 50001: A continuous improvement approach

ISO 50001 is part of a process of continuous improvement of energy efficiency: identification of points for improvement, implementation of a targeted and scheduled action plan, measurement of results, adjustment if necessary, redefinition of new goals.

The benefits of ISO 50001 certification

ISO 50001 certification offers multiple benefits for any company wishing to improve the energy performance of its organization:
• Assurance that your system optimizes your energy consumption and expenditure in a sustainable and efficient manner
• Promotion and demonstration to stakeholders of your commitments to the preservation of the environment and natural resources
• Improving your energy governance, structuring and strengthening your best practices
• Involvement of your employees, via new behaviors aimed at using energy rationally, in your organization’s energy strategy
• Control of your energy expenditure to finance your investments with a 20% bonus for your energy saving certificates (EEC).
• Obtain exemption from mandatory energy audits according to European Directive 2012/27/EU.

Ubigreen: Software and support adapted to your ISO 50001 process

Through the functionalities of the Ubigreen Performance energy management software and through its consulting unit, Ubigreen offers its customers tailor-made support for ISO 50001 certification.

By applying the methodology of the ISO 50001 standard with a suitable tool such as Ubigreen Performance, you can improve your company’s energy performance and reduce your overall energy bill by 30%.

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