conseil_generel_du_rhone GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE RHONE

The Rhône General Council has chosen Ubigreen Performance solution to drive the energy performance of 250 sites of the department (110 colleges, administrative and technical sites and « Maisons du Rhône »).

The Ubigreen Performance solution has already been deployed in most of the 250 sites, which will fulfill the objectives of the Rhône General Council, namely: reducing consumption of fluids throughout the building, reducing the carbon footprint in a process of sustainable development, a healthy supply management, diligent control of energy wastage and improve energy efficiency and control the equipment.


Are you looking to reduce your energy bills?


Ubigreen’s strengths

  • ROI in less than a year !
  • Up to -30% savings on energy bills
  • Reduced CO² emissions
  • Raising awareness and involvingoccupants

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