Ubigreen upgrades its Smartdesk solution to help its customers to better cope with the health crisis generated by COVID-19

In this Covid-19 pandemic, any new protective measure aimed at ensuring a healthier environment for your employees by limiting the spread of the virus becomes a priority for our customers and their co-workers.

As the end of the lockdown draws near, the return to the office in the current very specific health context is causing employees to question the guarantee of working in a clean and safe workplace.

Insofar, as the company has flex offices, or shared spaces, we offer, through our Smartdesk solution, to identify and notify the desks used and cleaned in order to provide employees with precise information on cleaning the desks between each use. The operation is similar for meeting rooms equipped with sensors, after each use of one of them, a cleaning request is sent to the sanitation teams in charge.

This new alert specifically developed on our application to meet the expectations of employers and employees in order to ensure more security will allow better control of the health of your workspaces as well as your meeting rooms. At this point, our solution becomes an ally allowing us to identify workstations and meeting rooms in need of disinfection in real time.

We are also enriching our application with the possibility to prevent using some desks in order to better comply with the recommendations for social distancing during this transitional period of liberation.

To go further, we suggest adding our devices measuring air quality. These allow an assessment of the quality and the need to better ventilate your premises, by displaying the information either via the application or directly on the sensors.

However, and despite the regular cleaning of your premises and desks, we remind you that it is important to continue to respect the barrier measures recommended by the government since the beginning of the pandemic.

At Ubigreen, employee health is a priority, which is why we are doing everything to preserve it.

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