Smart Office


Measure, analyze and optimize your workspaces occupation in real time

Our wireless occupancy measurement sensors can measure the current use of offices, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces.

The data collected is available at any time in a 100% web-based software and employees can view the desk and rooms availability in real time through a mobile application and/or screen display.

Occupancy sensors

Measurement of the occupancy rate and the temperature of available workspaces (desks, meeting rooms, convivial spaces, etc.) on all your sites using non-intrusive wireless sensors, installed quickly and at inexpensively cost.

Wireless connected sensors

Installation in just a few hours: sensors can be easily mounted under desks or hung on the wall

Real-time occupancy data measurement

The sensors connect to the Sigfox low-range network and feed back the data in real time to our applications

Temperature measurement

Possibility to additionaly activate the hourly temperature measurement

Remote reading without local infrastructure

No local network infrastructure is required. No interaction with our customers network guaranteeing a perfectly controlled level of infrastructure security !



Several configuration possibilities available: by workstation (under the desk) or by space (to the ceiling)

Adaptable configuration

Fully configurable remote detection scenario and sensitivity

100% web and mobile software

Reporting, optimisation and simulation

Analysis of use and workspaces occupancy

Real-time display of free places per floor

Calculation of accommodation capacity and assignment rate

Counting sensor in meeting rooms

Benchmark of multiple layout configurations

Automated summary reports

Configurable analysis dashboards and alarms

API / Interface for third party system (display, work spaces bookings, etc.)

KPI real estate and development

Dynamic plans for use and occupancy by floor

Quickly choose the floor where you want to work today