Public energy management dashboards


solution-pour-faire-un-diagnostic-energetiquePublic energy management dashboards
Involve the occupants of your buildings in your environmental responsibility initiative using public energy management dashboards.
This will ensure that every member of your organisation will receive advice on improving their energy usage.

logiciel-pour-mesurer-l-energieStraightforward sharing and cooperation
Very easily share technical analyses and energy audits.
Whether you work within a small local authority or are an environmental officer for a large organisation, here is the perfect tool for sharing information : circulate your work to a vast audience with a single click.

Extremely stylish communication screens
Maximise the impact of communication and take advantage of the full-screen slide show.
By posting technical analyses or entertaining widgets in public areas, shared spaces or meeting rooms, you will encourage a change in behaviour within your organisation.

Are you looking to reduce your energy bills?

Ubigreen's strengths

  • ROI in less than a year !
  • Up to -30% savings on energy bills
  • Reduced CO² emissions
  • Raising awareness and involving occupants


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