Data collection

Automated data collection

logiciel-de-monitoring-energetiqueAutomated data collection
Enter the era of the intelligent building with Ubigreen Performance solution. Manage your electricity, water and gas meters, or meters for any other fluids/liquids remotely, whatever their geographic location. You can manage an unlimited number of meters or sensors, and remotely configure the frequency of data collection.

logiciel-de-diagnostic-energetiqueAn intelligent validation engine
Ubigreen Performance uses powerful algorithms to analyse energy consumption and automatically disregard potentially erroneous data. The solution can also add or disable collections manually, very easily, within more than a million data items.

logiciel-de-rapport-energetiqueFully customisable meters
Optimise energy consumption management by adding customised manual meters (e.g.: number of items produced in a plant, turnover, etc.). These meters supplement/complement external data and can be used, specifically, in influence analyses.

logiciel-pour-faire-des-economies-d-energieAn open and secure data format
Easily import or export existing energy consumption data to/from Ubigreen Performance software using a simple Excel spreadsheet. To automate interoperability, our web services permit secure communication with your information system and your Building Management System.

High-performance, scalable data centres
Thanks to Saas architecture within cloud computing, Ubigreen Performance guarantees the optimum level of availability and performance.
We internally adjust our servers according to data volume, to guarantee the best possible service while also protecting data.

Ubigreen's strengths


  • ROI in less than a year !
  • Up to -30% savings on energy bills
  • Reduced CO² emissions
  • Raising awareness and involving occupants

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