An advanced library of technical analyses

logiciel-pour-optimiser-la-consommation-d-energieAn advanced library of technical analyses Improve your energy performance by choosing from around twenty advanced technical analyses and energy widgets. Enjoy using an intuitive, extremely sophisticated and continually improving energy monitoring toolbox, which makes Ubigreen Performance the perfect energy analysis software.

logiciel-pour-reduire-la-facture-energetqueBroad flexibility in terms of configuration Select the buildings and meters that you want to include in your business analyses to carry out an energy diagnosis. Thanks to Ubigreen Performance, you have complete freedom to choose your own analysis parameters (performance units, budget data, instant & cumulative consumption, type of use and fluid).

Customised dashboards It’s a snap to create energy management dashboards, by combining performance and influence analyses, load curves and widgets. You can add up to eight simultaneous analyses to a dashboard, which will be continually updated in real time.

solution-pour-ameliorer-les-performances-environnementalesIntegration with your office tools Include technical analyses in your reports. Ubigreen Performance solution let you export graphics and data in text, Excel, image or Adobe Reader PDF formats.




Are you looking to reduce your energy bills?

Ubigreen's strengths

  • ROI in less than a year !
  • Up to -30% savings on energy bills
  • Reduced CO² emissions
  • Raising awareness and involving occupants



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