Automated real-time alerts

logiciel-pour-gerer-la-performance-energetiqueAutomated real-time alerts

Harness all the power of a piece of next-generation energy diagnostic software and receive instant email or SMS alerts in the event of consumption irregularities.
Thanks to Ubigreen Performance, detecting water leaks or excess energy consumption is child’s play.

logiciel-pour-l-analyse-energetiqueConfiguration of ultra-powerful alarms
Detect excess energy consumption
for buildings or meters, and alert the relevant energy management teams. Unlike traditional energy monitoring software, the possibilities offered by Ubigreen Performance are endless: for example, you can configure alarms on the basis of budget analyses or energy labels.

logiciel-pour-l-expertise-energetiqueA streamlined workflow
Manage excess energy consumption
very easily.
With a simple click of your mouse, conduct a time-based analysis of a building that has overshot the excess consumption threshold and increase your responsiveness, while also capitalising on alert resolution actions.

solution-pour-mesurer-l-efficacite-energetiqueVisual budgetary alerts
Don’t wait for an overshoot before detecting excess energy consumption.
Simply create energy management dashboards, including budgetary widgets, to promote a gradual change of behaviour by occupants.

Are you looking to reduce your energy bills?

Ubigreen's strengths


  • ROI in less than a year !
  • Up to -30% savings on energy bills
  • Reduced CO² emissions
  • Raising awareness and involving occupants


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