Plan and manage your corrective and preventive maintenance

Centralize your global vision allowing you to follow interventions from all subcontractors on all of your sites 

Manage preventive maintenance plans in full interaction with your subcontractors

 Have visibility of completed tasks and completion deadlines

Interact directly in the platform with the various interlocutors


Outil de pilotage de la Maintenance des bâtiments

Dashboard view of the Smart Maintenance module

Evolution of maintenance

In the past, maintenance services mainly consisted of fixing breakdowns, which constitutes Corrective Maintenance or detecting signs of impending breakdown, in other words Preventive Maintenance.

Today, maintenance operations are carried out in an increasingly flexible and intelligent way thanks to new digital solutions, in particular thanks to the automatic recognition of breakdown or technical fault indicators, which opens the way to predictive maintenance.

Outil de pilotage de la Maintenance des bâtiments

The benefits of Preventive Maintenance

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to reduce the probability of deterioration or damage to a property. It can be systematic, that is to say recurring on a fixed date, or conditional, to be carried out according to the state of deterioration of the asset. In order to monitor this maintenance, Ubigreen provides you with various monitoring and reminder tools.
pilotage de la Maintenance préventive des bâtiments

User case

Let’s take a simple example, the overhaul of your boiler must be done every year in June, thanks to the Maintenance module offered by Ubigreen, you have the possibility of putting the maintenance plan for your boiler in your dashboard. Thus, the person responsible for maintenance sees each day the tasks to be carried out and can anticipate in advance, moreover he sees in real time the maintenance actions already carried out..
pilotage de la Maintenance préventive des bâtiments