Ubigreen Ticketing

Ticketing tool to report and manage incidents in your buildings

In a Smart Office approach, our Helpdesk tool offers you a complete offer for managing intervention requests:

Creation and management of request tickets

Workflow for assigning and processing requests

Creation of QR Code to help in corrective maintenance inside buildings

Easily check all support requests of your building


An example?

A light bulb is broken in the hallway on the third floor, the employee reports the incident and the ticket is sent directly to the maintenance agent in charge of this type of repair.

Or: your computer is HS? By reporting the incident, a technician from the IT department is directly contacted to come and help you out.



Help desk; smart office, flex office

Visual of the Helpdesk application, intuitive and easy to use

Our Helpdesk offer is evolving by offering a dynamic QR Code generator for creating intervention requests


Ubigreen has upgraded its Helpdesk tool so that it allows the generation of QR Codes. Once the QR Codes have been generated, you can stick them directly on the equipment concerned. By scanning it, the occupant can create a HELPDESK ticket on his Web or Mobile application for an intervention request.

The maintainer having access to the content of the ticket for which he is assigned, will automatically view the place where the QR Code was scanned.


Visual of the Helpdesk application, generation of QR Code

For example: Thanks to your application, you generate a QR Code for a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser, you paste this code on the dispenser , so users can request action to fill it when it’s empty.

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